Tartansense is a uav based imagery
solutions provider headquarted in india

Tartansense provides image analytics based on ultra high resolution aerial and near infra red images acquired by UAVs.





For the agriculture sector, NIR (Near Infra Red) sensors enables us to distinguish between plants that exhibit stress versus plants that are healthy by analysing aerial images. This data enables farmers to make precise decisions on where to irrigate & fertilize, thereby directly improving their bottom line. TartanSense is currently partnered with Agribotix, an agri-drone company based in Boulder, USA.

TartanSense, founded by Jaisimha Rao in 2014 can trace its genesis to Jai’s passion for technology and agriculture. While working on his family’s coffee plantation, Jai noticed the lack of data driven decision-making on the field. Aiming to bridge this gap, TartanSense was born.

Prior to founding TartanSense, Jai spent 6 years on Wall Street as a portfolio manager. As a Vice President at BlackRock, Jai was responsible for managing a $50 billion portfolio of structured debt securities.

Jai holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Jai spent his formative years in Kuwait.